Saturday, 3 November 2012

Successful Internet Dating Part 3: Is it safe?

Nothing could be safer if you follow a few simple rules:
Remember you are anonymous for as long as you wish to be and you can break off contact any time you like. If you feel uneasy about anything you can block that person from contacting you.
In other words: You determine the pace and the level of involvement. You can flirt, wink, romance, laugh and have fun without having to meet or divulge your contact details.
Once you decide that you are interested enough in someone and want to take the relationship up a level and meet, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable following this advice:
Practical safety tips:
Most dates are interesting and fun: even if you decide not to meet with someone again, it is still social contact and stimulating
1. Bear in mind that it is an introductory and "getting to know you" session.

2. The first meeting - Meet in a public place during daylight hours, like in a coffee shop. Avoid dinner dates or after hours in a pub.
2. Play it safe until you are confident and feel comfortable with your date. Do not divulge your home address or phone numbers quite yet. Be patient.
3. Some of our members took a friend or a colleague with for the first date.
4. Have a plan B  so that you can escape if the meeting does not go according to plan. Have transport available, for example.
5. Be sure that someone knows where you are going.

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