Thursday, 1 March 2012

Succesful internet dating part 2: How do I write my profile?

The challenge is to keep it simple, honest, spontaneous and not too long.
Your first step is to write a draft on a piece of paper.
Try and stick to the following principles:
Keep it short.
Remember the person reading your profile is browsing through a number of them and he or she may lose interest half way through if it is too long.
Keep it honest.
It will not take long for a potential partner to realise that a profile contains some half truths or misrepresentations and break off contact.
Keep it simple.
Read a few other profiles. (we offer a free sneak preview on the registration page). Ask yourself if you would contact such a person? The idea is to provide basic information in an interesting way. Concentrate on the essentials and leave out the extra bits for now. You can get back to family and specifics later.
What are the "essential bits"?
Let us first look at the interesting parts. Who are you? This will determine the type of person that is likely to respond. If you love camping and hate opera say so, but stick to the broad picture. If you are a committed religious person with strong beliefs say so to avoid future conflict and possible heartbreak. Stress your fun bits and what you like. State your pet hates - if you dislike smoking or sport or travel, make it clear.
Then the essential bits:
            Your age. Be honest.You can still be interested in someone not in your age bracket without having to misrepresent your own age.
            Your marital status and your family. Potential mature singles are a lot more interested in you as a person than in your family history at this early stage. You can say, for example " I lost my husband/wife four years ago and have 3 married children and 5 grand children". There is no need now to go in to their ages, gender and where they live. Save that for later.
Write your profile, leave it for a while and then sit back and read it objectively as if you are a person reading it for the first time.Ask yourself if you would respond to a profile like the one you have written. If the answer is yes, go ahead and post it.
If you are fortunate enough to have people that are close to you that you can consult, show them what you have written and invite them to comment. You can also send it to us at for a strictly confidential review.

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