Friday, 18 November 2011

Online dating part 1: Should- or shouldn't I ?

If not why not?
Join thousands of like-minded singles meeting new and exciting friends. If you are hesitant, what are your concerns?
- " I am too shy"
Forget it, you are completely safe and nobody can identify you before you decide to divulge your personal details.
- "I do not want to be labelled as cheap or easy!"
It is true that there are dating sites that run close to the risky side with questionable links and that is why you should use a respectable and reputable site that is well controlled. Our service provider is one of the most experienced and professional sites in business and they have their own filters and trained moderators to prevent smut from entering the system.
- "What if I want to break off contact?"
It is the easiest thing in the world. The system caters for that. Remember you are just chatting and flirting until you decide to meet or add the next dimension to your relationship.
-"But is it safe? I've heard some horrible stories."
It's true that you must be careful but it's easy to play it safe. "Golden Years" provides you with some practical advice and tips.
-"What do I put in my profile?"
The golden rule is to keep it honest and simple. "Golden Years" will guide you along with the experts.
See our following postings where we will be discussing all these aspects

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